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Auto Close Idle helps you monitor and safely close unattended applications automatically, and optionally kill idle processes. It's designed to work with most database or accounting application and monitor their use.

Telling users to close the application when they don't need it doesn't work in practice. Employees can leave their desks for variety of reasons. A simple trip to make coffee can be interrupted by a cell phone call, or a meeting with a client, or the employee can be given tasks or field trips by a supervisor when they are away from their desks. The last thing in their minds is to waste a trip to their desks to close an application.

Auto Close Idle closes the monitored application by clicking on the close button at the top right corner of the application's main window, and responds to any configured confirmation dialogs when prompted. Auto Close Idle will not end, terminate, or kill the process by default, but can kill the process after a timeout when it can't close the app the normal way. If there are any validation dialogs present, you can use Auto Close Idle built-in remote view functionality to see the user's screen; so you can see if there are any validation dialogs preventing the application from being closed.

Since users can run a CPU intensive operation in the target application that could take a long time and leave their desk, it may not be wise to close the application while it's busy doing something. Auto Close Idle waits for the CPU to be idle for a certain guard time before attempting to close the application when it's in "Auto Close" mode. When the administrator tries to close the application manually, a warning message appears. This is a safety feature so whatever operation the user has started, is not cancelled.

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